Welcome to the Phil Little Karate School

"Train Smart From The Start"

At the Phil Little Karate School, our philosophy is to "train smart from the start." Regardless of your age, attention is placed on giving you the most effective foundational skills for personal safety training. Isshinryu Karate, a martial art form that maximizes the efficiency of movements both hard and soft with fast and flowing, provides the ideal medium for physical, mental and spiritual health. It's a great way to get in shape while learning this invaluable life-saving protection system that is easy to learn and put into action.

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Black Belt Instructors of the Phil Little Karate School of Anderson, SC

Program Advantages

Cardiovascular, muscular strength and flexibility fitness componentsEasy to learn self defense solutionsSelf defense plan for family safetySelf-discipline, self-concept, confidence, and positive attitude boostersOpportunities for personal development through certification, competition, and ranking systemEnhancement of self defense instinctsMost all-inclusive self defense style in the worldTextbook and video guides for in-home trainingITS TM Instinctive Tactical Solutions Seminars and Certification

Program Fees

One price entities you to participate in all regular karate classes.

Individual Rates

Family discount rates available

No registration fees!

Minimal fees for Belt testing.

Adults Classes 18 and up (Your never to old to start)

Youth Groups Ages (6-8), (9-10), (11-12), (13-15),(16-17)

Uniform and supplies available for purchase.

Private self-defense instruction for Women and Men together or separate. Complete confidentiality.

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Minimal fees for Belt testing